[smart-product id=348752]
Add Scrollbar
[smart-product id=348752 scrollbar=top]
[smart-product id=348752 scrollbar=bottom]
More suitable for product animation than for 360 degree spin.

Hide Border
[smart-product id=348752 border=false]
Use for transparent images.

Hide Navigation
[smart-product id=348752 nav=false]
Use for small images, drag intreraction will be still active.

Change Width
[smart-product id=348752 width=300]
If not set width of first image will be used. Height will be based on image ratio.

Choose Color
[smart-product id=348752 color=dark-blue]
[smart-product id=348752 color=light-blue]
[smart-product id=348752 color=red]
[smart-product id=348752 color=brown]
[smart-product id=348752 color=purple]
[smart-product id=348752 color=gray]
[smart-product id=348752 color=yellow]
[smart-product id=348752 color=green]
Choose Style
[smart-product id=348752 style=glow]
[smart-product id=348752 style=fancy]
[smart-product id=348752 style=wave]
[smart-product id=348752 style=flat-round]
[smart-product id=348752 style=flat-square]
[smart-product id=348752 style=vintage]
[smart-product id=348752 style=arrows]
[smart-product id=348752 style=leather]

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